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Increasing win rates for federal contractors

with targeted opportunity matching.

Contract Cloud's intelligent bid matching technology empowers customers to work at maximum efficiency,  investing more productive energy into the bids and proposals that are most likely to win.

To top it off, our team of capture experts provide oversight and support to guarantee the best results anywhere.

Quit searching for your next contract. Start matching with Contract Cloud and watch your win rate soar. 
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Trusted by Large and Small Businesses alike

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Rethink business intelligence.

Intuitive design makes it simple and easy to review, rank, and track your matches.

You don't need to learn another new tool. We designed Contract Cloud less like government software, and more like your favorite productivity applications.
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Contract Cloud is inbound capture, where the results come to you.

At sign up, you will complete a detailed profile to analyze and  reveal the types of opportunities that your firm has the best chance of winning. Contract Cloud's proprietary matching techniques have been developed and proven over 12 years of federal capture and business development experience.

We compare your profile with multiple sources of data, sprinkle in some complex logic and reasoning, add in our one-of-a-kind technical magic, and uncover your winning opportunities, including those that don't appear in standard NAICS or keyword searches.

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Rest assured knowing you see every relevant opportunity with nothing falling through the cracks.


Simple to review, rank, and track your matches.


You are in control. Choose the time of day you prefer to be notified of your matches and updates.

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Identify early opportunities with forecast matches, as available.


Review and discuss opportunities in a clear and organized manner, right from the platform. No extra data entry required. 


Spend less time in meetings because you instantly see who likes which opportunities. Reduce duplication of efforts, because everyone is working from the same playbook. 

Digging is for jobsites.

Not websites.

When digging for projects on a traditional website, or even on an expensive data scraping service, you are still limited by the search parameters that have been defined for you, and how the database presents the information. 

Contract Cloud is not that. Think of it like a search assistant who just really gets you.  Plus, the more you use Contract Cloud, our technology actually learns from your selections, fine-tunes your matches, and truly automates this task.

Let your next project find you.

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Hear it from your peers. 

“We came to contract Cloud because we were tired of hearing about projects weeks after the solicitation had issued. With beta.SAM, we can't trust that we are seeing everything we qualify for, and we can't afford to miss mandatory site visits. 

Contract Cloud has solved all of that, without adding any extra work for our team. It is exactly what we needed.” 

Neil Hunt, Walsh Group

“The Contract Cloud team is always there for us immediately when we shout out. Usually providing support before we are asking for it.”

Megan Sevigny, RJS Construction

“We had pretty much given up on federal projects since FBO went away last year. Beta.SAM just never worked. But there is too much coming up to sit back now, so this timing is perfect.”

Melissa Looker, Active Construction

“If you're interested in woman-owned tech companies, this is the one to watch. Contract Cloud finally makes the pursuit of contracting with the federal government easy, effective, and repeatable. If you're looking for an intelligent work-around to beta.sam.gov, you've found it.” 

Heath Sanders, HVBA

“Contract Cloud is a great service. It saves us a lot of time and it is much easier that beta.SAM.” 

Tom Morton, LandCon Group

“Within a few days of signing up, Contract Cloud matched with a $30 Million dollar project that we otherwise would have missed. That was it right there!”

Ray Riojas, Walsh Group

“Contract Cloud is my secret weapon!” 

Elisa Howard, Cavalry Consulting
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About Us

Our Team

Michele Atkinson


Michele has 12+ years of experience responding to government RFPs and has helped small businesses win over $30 Billion in government contracts in the last 6 years alone.

Michele was recognized as “40 under 40” by the Association of Proposal Management Professionals in 2019, and is an active member of the Society of American Military Engineers. As a 2020 Firestarter Fellow with Defense Entrepreneurs Forum (DEF), her project coincided with Contract Cloud, where she shared her vision for simple tools to make contracts more accessible to small businesses.

An Air Force spouse, Michele is using her expertise and experience to improve the SB experience in procurement. 

Read more on Michele's Substack Blog.

Lyn Dee


Lyn has been rising in the ranks in the startup space since 2005, and most recently worked on mobile apps at Amtrak prior to Contract Cloud. She has a degree in Computer Science and is pursuing a Master’s Degree in CS at Georgia Tech.

For many years, Lyn has volunteered her time to teach coding to the military community. She served as a volunteer with Operation Code, a non-profit dedicated to helping military members, veterans, and their families learn how to get careers in technology. She has also led coding classes at bases where she's been stationed.

Her passion for solving big problems related to government technology stems from being an Air Force spouse.

Our Why

Federal procurement is complicated.

And the technology that is intended to help vendors navigate the marketplace is just as aggravating. As a result, small businesses are growing more disadvantaged each day.

Government websites are slowly improving, that just isn't good enough. To be competitive, contractors need instant, accurate, and timely results NOW.

Bottom line: Great companies are spending significant time and resources bidding on government contracts, and they still aren't winning what they could. It should not be this hard.  We believe it should be simple, so we can lower the barrier to entry for all qualified businesses. To increase competition for federal spending. To help socio-economic development programs. To create local jobs. To strengthen our economy and our country.

Effective capture breaks down barriers.

Our goal is to save our customers time and money by making government contracts more accessible and easier to win. We truly understand the value of finding the right opportunities as quickly and efficiently as possible, and the financial impact of poor Go/No-Go decisions. 

We know that it is critical to your business to know of every single opportunity that your team could potentially pursue. And you need to know about it the day it is first advertised. But you don't want to sort through thousands of projects every day just to be sure that you've seen them all.

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