Responding to government RFPs is painful and time-consuming.

It doesn’t have to be. The software you have been wishing for is here, finally.

The data is in: Contract Cloud saves time and money.

Keep your whole team in collaboration with the right content at the right time. Banish redundancies to stay ahead of the competition.



Average amount of time saved per proposal


Annual cost savings in overhead for proposals


Number of technical proposals submitted


Pre-award return on investment with team of 5-10


Increased likelihood of successful award

The simple solution to winning more contracts.

From pipeline to project, Contract Cloud is the one-stop shop for your entire business development workflow.

GovCon CRM

Your secret weapon for managing opportunities and relationships. Much more robust than just a pipeline, this full suite is built specifically for the unique needs of government contractors.

Project Management

Tasks and action items are clearly and transparently organized so nothing falls through the cracks, while workflows automate your processes so everything stays on schedule.  

Collaborate With Ease

Say goodbye to reply-all emails with real-time document collaboration. Documents and spreadsheets sync to records, and include features like version control, tagging, and live editing.

Advanced Relevancy Search

Need to find your most relevant experience, personnel, or other content based on specific RFP criteria? Now you can find it in minutes – no meetings required!

Reports & Dashboards

Analyze the effectiveness of your capture, BD, proposals, pricing, teaming strategies, and more. Transparency and real-time data allow for more effective decisions.

Centralized Data

No more copying and pasting from previous proposals or folders. Eliminate hours from every pursuit with our central data “brain.” Your SMEs and writers will thank you.

Make decisions at the ‘speed of relevance’.

Stakeholders, information, intelligence, and resources are now integrated and in context.

Write Better Proposals

You don’t have a day to waste in your proposal schedule, and getting what you need – when you need it – makes all the difference. After all, writers should be writing, not herding cats.

Contract Cloud helps teams collaborate and share data in a secure cloud, eliminating the time spent searching for data, and waiting for files to be sent back and forth. Reviews happen in hours instead of days, and every team member always knows the status of the proposal.

Now, proposal writers have sufficient time to write and revise customer-focused, high quality proposal content that delivers winning results.

Win More Contracts

With Contract Cloud, the days of searching for critical technical data, proposal content and past performance records are over. Now, your knowledge assets are organized and cross-referenced in a clean way that will delight your proposal team. Better yet, this data is available from any web-enabled device.

This improved efficiency is enabling our clients to submit 300% more proposals in the same amount of time – with the same amount of personnel. Not only that, but their win rates are improving.

Handle Your Workload

From vetting potential opportunities to preparing and submitting proposals, you can rely on Contract Cloud to simplify your entire business development process. We are the only niche solution with deep industry expertise and a mission to enhance the government procurement process by helping contractors to bid better.

We don’t aggregate data, we sort and organize all of your company information, proposal content, knowledge assets, and associated files and make them searchable, simple, and fun to work with. Then we help bring your team together, build collaborative documents, and generate forms. Your success is our success, and we take it pretty seriously.

Improve Your Effectiveness with Detailed Analytics

If you aren’t tracking real-time metrics for business development activities, you could be waiting too long to take action on important trends. With this key data, you can make better decisions and quickly adjust your capture process to keep your growth on track. With Contract Cloud, valuable reports and dashboards are pre-built for you. 

Your reporting capabilities are limited only by your imagination. Executive dashboards provide quick visual data for busy leaders. Proposal reports provide information for annual reviews, capture analysis, and resource planning. Performance reports provide time-specific information for board or management meetings.

De-Stress Your Work.

Proposals can be stressful, and adding to it with overly-complex tools doesn’t help. Your software needs to be intuitive and user-friendly. We make it easy to search for your relevant content in the same simple way that you would shop online.

Our Customers are Raving

It’s just so easy!

We had to constantly manipulate data, but Contract Cloud is set up to eliminate obstacles. Contract Cloud understands our business and the way it works!

Mary Ruiz

VP of Sales, QRI Environmental

It’s my secret weapon.

As a proposal consultant, I don’t have the luxury of familiarity with every client’s background and experience, but with Contract Cloud, it feels like I do.

Contract Cloud has dramatically improved the efficiency of our team, which has actually reduced the amount of time billed to clients!

Elisa Howard

Proposal Manager, Cavalry Consulting

We are bidding 4x more.

We used to source our content from past proposals. It took forever and it was never consistent. With Contract Cloud, we use the search bar and find all of the relevant information in ten seconds.

We are now submitting 2-3 proposals a week, which previously was 2-3 per month. And our team communicates better using the same data. We had to constantly manipulate data, but Contract Cloud is set up to eliminate obstacles. Alinelle Roperto

Marketing Coordinator, LEGO Construction

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