Case Study

General Contractor

At the end of FY18, LEGO Construction Co. sought to increase their win rate with a more intentional proposal strategy. Using Contract Cloud as their content and proposal management platform, LEGO saw results immediately.

LEGO Construction was responding to government RFPs, but they weren’t winning contracts.

In FY18 it looked like LEGO Construction Co. was doing all the right things to win government contracts. They hired a top consulting firm to enhance their proposals, they rapidly developed a library of fresh new content, they upgraded their projects descriptions and resumes, and finally started to connect with reviewers. LEGO was quickly shortlisted on several large IDIQ contracts, but in Phase 2, they struggled with pricing lower than their competitors. They thought:

“How can we cut our overhead, without sacrificing resources or quality?”


LEGO needed a smart way to analyze their past data so they could learn from their losses and improve each proposal going forward. They also realized that they needed to increase the collaboration among their team members, as inefficiencies were slowing them down and costing them money and resources.

They had been using spreadsheets to track opportunities and tasks, and kept their documents stored in multiple locations. They communicated mostly in email, and often in reply-all messages that bogged down the team. Keeping everyone on the same page was a challenge, especially with so many deadlines that were all considered urgent.


capacity of new contracts won


increase in win rate


reduction in proposal consulting costs


ROI in proposal writing alone

FY18 (Before Contract Cloud)

  • 7 “best value” proposals submitted, 5 losses, 1 pending
  • 450 hours invested with consultants
  • 3 proposals took more than 80 billable hours
  • Average 64.4 hours per proposal ($8,050-$9,950)

FY19 (After Contract Cloud)

  • 6 “best value” proposals submitted, 4 wins, 2 pending
  • 319 hours invested with consultants
  • 0 proposals took more than 80 billable hours
  • Average 53.2 hours per proposal ($6,600-$8,200)


Increase in wins


Decrease in time

About LEGO Construction Co.

LEGO is an 8(a) and HUBZone-certified general contractor. Founded in 2006, LEGO has become a recognized name in South Florida for their outstanding renovation work in large healthcare facilities and school districts. What sets LEGO apart is their cohesive company culture and hardworking, highly-educated team. It is rare, and quite impressive, to work with such a talented group of individuals.

“We no longer have to spend hours digging for content, past performance, resumes, or subcontractor information. We all know that it is in Contract Cloud, and we can rely on it.”

Miguel Guerrero

Pre-Construction Manager, LEGO Construction

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