Streamline your entire business development process from forecast through fulfillment

Manage Your Opportunity Pipeline without Redundancy

Qualify opportunities in minutes, track expiring task order contracts, eliminate multiple reply-all email threads, make decisions without meetings, stay on top of forecasted opportunities, and expertly manage your entire pipeline. Move from manual spreadsheets to live reports that can be refreshed in the click of a button.

Use Reports and Dashboards to Enhance your Effectiveness

Our pre-built reports and dashboards provide the information that you need to analyze the effectiveness of your capture process, technical proposals, pricing strategy, and more. This data allows you to see your strengths and weaknesses in real time so you can quickly make adjustments and win more contracts.

Eliminate Silos with Centralized Information

Collaborate seamlessly across your entire organization. When teams are spread out across job functions and geographic locations, finding the right version of the right file is a constant challenge. Our collaborative CRM-style project management tools brings everyone together in the same place, eliminating these challenges.

Communicate in Real Time with our Mobile App

Keep every team member in the loop with Contract Cloud Mobile. Push notifications ensure that you never miss an important alert, and all team members are aware of project deadlines.

Keep Teams on Task with Automated Tasks, Reminders, and Alerts

Based on proposal schedules and milestones, our preconfigured workflows automate calendar reminders to make sure all the moving pieces are in the right place at the right time. Workflows ensure that tasks are completed and each team member is held accountable for their portion of the work.

Automate Processes with Approval Workflows

Our intelligently designed workflows allow you to designate what approvals are needed, by whom, and at what milestones throughout the process.

Control Access with User Roles

The same data may not be for every person in your organization. Assign your users to different levels of access depending on the type of data their job requires.

Enhance Capabilities through Integrations

Contract Cloud can integrate with many other business management tools and data resources. Turn it into an ERP by adding your preferred accounting software, and automate project data entry by integrating with your favorite construction management software. Integrations with government data websites are included with your subscription and provide automated data import from,, and many others.

Where spreadsheets and clunky software make your work more complex, Contract Cloud picks up the slack.

If you aren’t getting enough done, it’s time for a change.